My first blog post! That’s exciting, isn’t it?

I am currently writing this at 10:47 PM  on 3/16/17. I know, I know, you’re going to see the time stamp anyway, but I still feel the need to re-establish it.

This blog.

I honestly don’t know what I plan to use it for, but I know I want to use it to really speak my mind in ways that I might not be able to otherwise. I plan to take this and really make something of it, whether I’m writing on something purely fact-based, or something that deals with more emotional concepts, I intend to share what I feel about the topics. I hope that you will hear about anything and everything that comes to my mind, so I can share my views on it. I want to put my thoughts and ideas out there and learn more about not being afraid of being scrutinized and criticized by the rest of the world.

Here it is: my next move.

As a 15-year-old, I am constantly learning how I can help better myself for the future and honestly, I feel that I really strive to do that. However, instead of just helping myself be a better person, I want to help others. Now, by this, I don’t mean affect people and change them. Instead, I want to become a positive influence on others’ lives and help them become positive influences and set off some sort of chain reaction.

Everyone has their dreams. This blog is one of mine.

This first post was pretty short, but don’t worry, it is a precursor to many more lengthy and hopefully, more eloquent ones (or should I say that you SHOULD worry).

Good luck handling the rest.



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