Later or Never?


What exactly does that mean to you?

By the dictionary it means “Afterward in time” or “At some unspecified time in the future”. Really think, what does this mean to you? Maybe it has no meaning, maybe it isn’t relevant. Let me give you some perspective.

Later, to me, feels like an empty promise.

Later, to me, feels like a goal left unachieved.

Later, to me, feels like the inevitable end to an idea.

Later, to me, feels like one is postponing what will never happen.

Later, to me, means Never.

Now, it does matter how the word is formally used. Because it doesn’t always imply the crude note I’ve attached to it. For example, when someone says, “See you later!”. This doesn’t convey any harsh tones or give any saddening feelings. Compare this situation to one where someone asks for a moment of your time and you say:


Think about it.

What does this achieve? This blatantly and cruelly shuts someone down. Whatever that one person had hoped for is completely out of mind because you’ve taken away their importance. You’ve then taken away the importance of what they wanted to say or convey to you, and to them, you have even taken away the importance of conveying that message to you. Perhaps I’m reading too much into the word for now, but it’s true. Say you have loads of work to do but you just said “Later”. What would you be doing in between Now and Later? Would you be achieving something- learning something new? Would you be going out and finding something interesting and valuable to you? Is there any way that what you had planned to do being postponed will be beneficial to you? Ask yourself that.

As for me, I’ve been in that situation (no denial there). As a high schooler I am a victim to that, of course. In that way, I’m not the perfect student or the perfect daughter or the perfect person, but I do try my best to stay true to myself, my ideas, and the people around me, giving them importance and time. I think everyone at some level is willing to say “Later” to something that doesn’t matter as much to them. Just make sure that when you do say it, that it isn’t to the things that matter because that won’t achieve anything. Remember how often you do end up telling this word to people because if too much, then the only one you’ll be hurting is yourself.



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